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I am a mother, writer, lover, comedian. I am an old soul, a veteran, a woman. Im human.

The Science of Sleep

THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP Sometimes I forget that I am here by myself. My imagination creatively conjures up vivid dreams that bounce me peacefully through sleep. Power serves my ego freely in my dreams because I recognize the scenery for … Continue reading

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The Events You Are About to Read Actually Happened

I use to write a blog on MySpace.  (what’s MySpace?) back when it was all the rage.  I wrote funny things, sexy things, poetry.  I wrote real life stuff.  I wrote it well.  After looking back today, I can’t help … Continue reading

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Self Help Pad

On my fridge next to painted handprints and school pics is a pad of paper with a magnet on the back.  One day I thought I would write something on the pad, and maybe, just maybe my husband would read … Continue reading

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